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Pre-marital workshops

Getting married requires much preparation and planning. As marriage itself is the biggest aspect of this journey, one key step I would like you to consider is pre-marital counselling. Whether you’re looking for premarital counseling as a way to achieve marital bliss, or to achieve deeper understanding from one another, premarital counseling protects couples from much heartache and conflict. Since prevention is central to a guaranteed investment in happier couples and healthier marriages, premarital counselling will help you gain a better understanding of yourselves as husband and wife and prepare you for your upcoming marriage. As a highly qualified & experienced family and relationship therapist & Director of the Insight & Relationship Centre, I provide pre-marital sessions to couples who are planning to get married as part of my ‘Relationship by design’ program, Sessions can be booked on a sessional basis for you and your partner or you can attend pre-marital workshops with other couples who are also contemplating to get married. For further information contact me via email on: or by phone on 0400518626

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